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I can help you understand how to reach your customers, build an initial product to validate your ideas, and solve your hard technical problems.

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Who am I?

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Eric Kidd

I've worked on Lisp compilers at IS Robotics and MIT's AI Lab, built 3D training software at Dartmouth's Interactive Media Lab, and implemented massively parallel document processing systems at Aranetic. I've been the lead programmer on multi-million dollar software projects, and worked at multiple startups. See my résumé and my blog for more.

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Working on an international startup? See the French versions of this site, my résumé and my blog.

Predictable Prices

Want to know how much your software will cost? Hate cost overruns? You can have the predictability of a fixed-price project with the flexibility of hourly billing. Here's how it works:

  1. You describe your idea.
  2. We break your idea down into individual features.
  3. I quote you a fixed price for each feature.
  4. You choose which features to build.

Change your mind? Learn something new about your customers? We'll just add another feature to the list, or replace a feature that's already there.

For best results, you should leave one third of your budget in reserve. Even the simplest projects involve a process of discovery, and you'll want room to refine your idea.


“Eric is one of the most consistently brilliant programmers I have ever had the pleasure to work with. He was able to not only provide tools and solutions to specific problems but see the larger scope of the issues and plan accordingly.”

Joshua Nelson, Interactive Media Lab